How to tear the packing bag of supermarket shopping bag

With the rise of online shopping, supermarket shopping bags have gradually become an indispensable part of consumers’ shopping. However, some people don’t know how to rip the bag properly. Let’s talk about this problem.

1: The function of the bag

Packaging bag is mainly used to protect goods from external damage, which can effectively avoid the damage of goods in the supermarket. Packaging bags are made of cardboard and plastic film and other materials, with good wind resistance, waterproof performance, is a kind of safe and reliable articles. Here are tea packaging bags wholesale.The following points should be paid attention to when ripping the bag: 1. Prevent scratches: Avoid inserting one side of the bag between your fingers to avoid injury; 2. Do not open the bag easily, especially when the bag contains a lot of liquid or gas, otherwise it may cause suffocation or even death; 3. Carefully store the fragile items in the bag; 4. Transport should be as light as possible to handle the packaging bag, in order to reduce wear; 5. Do not put unopened food in the bag.

2: The method of ripping the packaging bag

To rip the bag, you should first determine the material of the bag. Common ones are plastic, cardboard and cowhide. Different materials of packaging bags have their own unique performance, so there will be some differences in the use process. Generally speaking, it’s best to tear plastic bags before shopping. This can prevent plastic bags from deformation or damage affecting the integrity of the item. The following factors should be taken into account when ripping the packaging properly: 1. Is there a warning sign on the packaging? 2. Does the bag contain sharp objects or other sharp objects? 3. Is the size of the bag appropriate? 4. Is the bag treated? 5. Is the surface of the bag smooth or not? According to the above points to choose the right way to open the bag. If you can follow the steps above to open the bag smoothly, then you can well protect the goods from damage.

3: How to use the packaging bag correctly

The purpose of the bag is to protect the goods and prevent pollution. Therefore, the correct use of packaging bags can better play its function, avoid waste of resources and environmental pollution. There are many ways to rip open the bag. The most common way is to unroll or fold the bag into a rectangle. If it is a larger supermarket, consider cutting the bag with scissors or a blade; If it is a small supermarket, you can use the traditional way of opening the box for processing. To accurately and safely use the packaging bag, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Choose the size suitable for your needs; 2. Adjust the package size according to the product features; 3. Set the packing sealing device in strict accordance with the requirements; 4. Check the quality of the bag regularly. If the bag is damaged, replace it in time.

In a word, choosing the right packaging bag can make your products get better protection and attract more customers. If you don’t already have enough knowledge to use them, then here are some tips to help you.

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